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Extra Shapes- Sound/ Light/ Movement

Concept: DD Dorvillier

Movement: DD Dorvillier

Light: Thomas Dunn

Sound: Sébastien Roux

March 20, 8pm


Troy, NY

Commissioned and partially developed through the EMPAC artist-in-residency program, Extra Shapes is a performance for lunging figures, a musical concert for loudspeakers, and a light show. Created by DD Dorvillier, in collaboration with composer Sébastien Roux and lighting designer Thomas Dunn, Extra Shapes occupies a rectangular space divided into three horizontal bands, featuring sound in the front, light in the middle, and dance in the back. Picture a slice of Neapolitan ice cream with its three separate bands—strawberry (sound), vanilla (light), chocolate (movement)—then rotate the plate to view each of its sides. In Extra Shapes, the idea is to present the three mediums simultaneously but separately, and to propose a new way of experiencing and thinking about abstraction in a live situation.